Sunday, February 21, 2010

St Peter's Basilica and odds & ends

Our last (half) day in Rome we headed back to Vatican City to visit St. Peter's Basilica. (We had been too worn out, cold, & wet the first day we were there.)

St. Peter's is the largest Christian church in the world. The current building was built in the 1600s (and funded by the selling of "indulgences,") but there has been a church here since the 400s. St. Peter's tomb is (supposedly) below the building. We saw it, but no photos allowed. Also, many popes have been buried below the basilica- the most recent being John Paul II.

Outside St. Peter's. Notice the "Pope TV," as we dubbed it, in the background. On Wednesdays, the Pope makes an appearance and waves to the crowds. We were glad it wasn't Weds., or the line would have been even longer to get in!

Inside the chapel. The altar is enormous!!!

Looking up into the dome.
Michaelangelo designed it- and again, it is the largest in the world.

After St. Peter's we went out for lunch and then headed to the airport for our return to Germany. We're glad we went to Rome, but we think once was enough for us. We're pretty worn out from all the big city trips we've taken - Paris, London, Warsaw, and Rome in the past 6 months!! Whew!! We're hoping to do some more laid back traveling in the next 6 months. ;)

Here are a few last snapshots from Rome...

Gelato was almost a daily event. Yummy.

Charlotte loved every fountain that we saw! I thought this one was pretty cool too.

Inside the Pantheon.

Capitol Hill.

Poser on Palatine Hill.

In front of Santa Maria Maggiore. (Half a block from the hotel.)

The living room of the apartment. Where Charlotte and Toby slept.

Ciao Roma!!!

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