Monday, April 12, 2010

Bruges, Belgium

This past week, we drove to Bruges for a few days. (In part, to celebrate Rob's birthday- happy birthday, my love!) We had heard great things about this little city (a five hour drive away) from several of our friends here, and our trip was really laid back and fun. If I had to pick one word to describe this place, it would be CUTE. Bruges is the capitol of cute.

And also, chocolate. We consumed quite a bit of chocolate. And waffles. But no Brussel sprouts. (Rob was bummed, but he was the only one.)

The first "old school" windmill we spied after crossing the Belgian border.

Our room at Fra Bartolo had bunkbeds. Toby's first time in a big boy bed was a complete success. Also, Charlotte thought it was very cool.

Toby attempting to call dibs on the big bed.
(Sorry little man.)

A comfy spot to sit and look out the window. We really liked this B&B. It was very affordable, and comfy and accommodating to our kids. Breakfast included homemade breads, jam, bread pudding, and even locally made cheese. Yum! (Also, I made use of the hot water bottle they provided for the bed- toasty tootsies all night long. Why did these ever go out of style?? I want one!)

There was also a backyard with chickens. The kids ran off all their pent up energy from sitting in the car and Rob and I enjoyed playing petanque (like Bocce ball.)

Cute old buildings on the market square.

Our one "splurge" on this trip was a tour in a horse drawn carriage. Charlotte thought she was a princess! (Not that I'm saying she isn't.) The guide gave us some interesting narrative, and we got to see the sights while relaxing. It was a fun activity. :)

Cute old convent.

Cute little girl dancing in the daffodils. What's that? There was a "keep off the grass" sign? Sorry.

Cute canal.
Bruges (basically) means bridges. There is a canal all around the town, so obviously- many, many bridges.

Globe trotters at rest.

In front of the "Lake of Love." I saw this name absolutely nowhere, but that is what our horse drawn carriage driver called it. "Tot ziens, Belgium!" Thanks for the memories. (And the chocolate.)


Aubrey said...

Looks like a beautiful trip! Glad you enjoyed the chocolate. :)

Mandy said...

oh my gosh, that looks like SUCH a fun trip! We never made it to Bruges, so sad, since it looks like such a good time!

Harmony said...

That's the same room we stayed in!! I liked it too. Although we didn't get hot water bottles, and let me tell you, we were freezing the whole time we were there! (in the B&B) We all drank several cups of the complimentary herbal tea to warm up.