Sunday, May 09, 2010

fun and games

A little over a week ago we took the kids to the Darmstadter Messe. It's a local thing, very similar to the West End Fireman's Carnival I grew up going to each summer. The kids rode a few rides, we browsed the stands, and had a hot dog (bratwurst) and french fries. It was a fun little family outing. (We didn't go on the grown-up rides because they looked seriously lacking in safety measures-- even these kiddie rides had NO SEATBELTS.)

Also, last night, Rob's Elders quorum (Elder is an office of the Priesthood in our religion) hosted a family bowling night at a local bowling alley. We had a great time being silly with some of our friends. And I was amazed how smoothly everything went considering how many babies and toddlers were there.

"Don't touch the buttons!"
I don't know how many times we said that. Of course, the controls were in German, but thankfully some of the guys actually speak German. (We did find in the options 'English' and 'American' languages listed. lol)

William Blacoe and Benjamin and Anouk Woite.

Zed and Anton.

Toby was the youngest bowler, and he LOVED it.
After every turn he'd say "MORE!"

McKenna and Josef.

Harmony and her boys.

Yup, I bowled too. ;)

Charlotte just loves Anton.
(Whether he likes it or not. Though, usually he does.)

Finally, we spotted this car on our drive home.

In Germany the first letter or two is for the Gemeinde (or city area), and then the others are random. We play the license plate game a lot on our drives-- looking for familiar words or abbreviations. Rob has been looking for a WTF plate for nearly 2 years, and when he spotted it we just happened to have the camera with us. hee hee


Aubrey said...

Wahahaha! That license plate photo is PRICELESS!! What are the odds of you having your camera?! We play the same game, but I never thought I would see WTF. The best part is that the 7's kind of look like question marks!

Glad Toby enjoyed the bowling. :)

Harmony said...

Cute pictures! I seem to be clueless about when these festivals are going on. I didn't even know about this one. But looks like the kids had fun!

Leah said...

The sevens look like question marks!! hahaha thats hilarious! im so glad you got a pic, and a good pic, i might add :)