Saturday, May 29, 2010

Geht's Schloss!

hee hee- I made a play on words- in German! ;)
"Geht's los" mean's "let's go." And a Schloss is a castle. Okay, I'm a dork.

We've been bumming around some "local" castles lately. We took the kids up to Offenbach one Saturday and took a walk along the Main River. While there, we also saw the Schloss below. I think it's apartments or something now. Not terribly exciting. But those kids are CUTE, huh? :)

This evening we went into downtown Darmstadt for the Schloss Graben Fest. There are many, many fests in Germany. This is an outdoor music festival with about 100 bands performing over 4 days. They usually have about 400,000 people attend and there is a LOT of beer. And a lot of food. And we had a good time. Apparently we missed Right Said Fred (of "I'm too sexy" fame-- they performed on Thursday night. Serious bummer, right?)

Rob and I think this is the best band we heard. They are called Mr. Virgin and His Love Army... which is just kinda lame. But the music was fun- very 80's alternative rock/pop sounding.

Charlotte and Rob checking out the scene.

Toby and I after eating some yummy Indian food.

Afterwards we hung out in the Schloss gardens and listened to this drum group near the statue of young Goethe. (I don't know why he's naked, and pink. Well the pink is probably graffiti.) Charlotte and Toby really preferred this quieter, more laid back atmosphere. So much in fact, that Charlotte decided to join the performance.

I cannot begin to explain the video below. Charlotte LOVES to dance. She hears a beat, and her body moves. I have honestly never seen it move like this before, but we don't usually listen to this style of music, so who knows. I've said it a million times-- where did this girl come from?

Moving to the beat of her own drum.


The Spiveys said...

Bumming around castles...only in Europe! LOVE the video of Charlotte! She is a riot!

Leah said...

very nice dancing!! thatjust made my day! i laughed all the way through!! hilarious! tell the kiddos i said hi!