Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrate good times

These have been a CRAZY busy few days... but we have a lot of reasons to celebrate that we'd like to share with you.

First our dear friends have arrived! Yay! And we had a fun Father's Day picnic here last night with yummy food, great friends, and even some very special music, courtesy of Aubrey's dad. (Charlotte sends her love to "that grampa with the 'tar.") I meant to take pictures... but then I completely aborted that plan and decided to just enjoy the evening. And I really did! :)

Second, around my birthday back in February, I decided that I wanted to run a 5K. I have never run a race in my life. Even (especially!) in high school, I avoided exercising in front of people like the plague, and I couldn't run a mile without walking parts. Well, 4 months later, and I have been running 3 times a week every week-- 9-12 miles/week for the past 2 months! And on Saturday morning, my friend Jenn and I ran in the Frankfurt Women's Run. I am very proud of myself... although I didn't run as fast as I'd hoped. I did it. :)

Pre-race, a little jittery, and glad to have Jenn with me!

Where's Julie? (I'll give you a hint- I'm wearing a pink shirt.)
It took me a full 2 min. just to get to the starting line, which is not even in this photo.

That's me approaching the finish line behind that muscle-y chick in blue.
(I did manage to pass her.) 34:54.

Thank goodness it is OVER! I came in 311th (out of 4,000-ish,) and I was 43rd in my age group.

And finally, but MOST important this weekend, is my sweet ROB. :)

He cheered me on and watched the kids through an extremely long day on Saturday. But it's not too surprising really, as he supports me all the time in my efforts. He is such a great husband and as Charlotte told him on Sunday night, "I love you, you are my favorite Daddy, AND I like you."

Rob skipping rocks in Croatia. We love you babe!


Suz said...

Congrats Julie! You should be proud of how hard you've worked, and you look absolutely fantastic! It looks like it was a fun run. I wish I could've been there to support you, but I'm giving you a cyber hug as I write this, just so you know! :)

Anonymous said...

You ROCKED it!! You should be so proud. I am telling you now you are a runner. I never thought in a million years I would be OK with me in a tight workout shirt being on someone's blog. Yet here we are both are super happy and looking cute in our pink! Thanks again for going with me.