Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Croatia- Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is a National Park in Croatia. It was also the center of hostiliites in the Croatian War in the 90's. And you weren't allowed to leave the trails, in case of undiscovered land mines. We took a bus trip there to see the waterfalls and hike around for the day. It was a loooong bus ride- about 2 hours each way. Rob told me there was no way sitting through that torture with the kids would be worth it-- but at the end of the day we agreed-- it totally was!

I'm having a really hard time picking my favorite photos... but here are a few.

This one turned out kinda crazy, but I still like it a lot.


I ended up carrying Charlotte for about half the day-- it was a lot of hiking for a 3 year old. We had Toby in the little stroller, but the path got pretty rough in spots, and there were a lot of steps, so Rob would pick up the stroller (with Toby strapped in) and just carry the whole thing. Also, Europe is different from the US in that most of these areas had no handrails. There was nothing keeping you from tripping off the path and down a ravine, except your own caution.

Rocks + water + rainbows = beautiful.

Family photo, taken by Charlotte's new Italian friends from the bus.

There were so many spectacular views.

Gorgeous blue water, big mountains.

The "big one."
(That family photo posted up above was taken at the base of the waterfall in the top of this picture.)

A very happy Rob at the end of the day. :)

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Harmony said...

That is so beautiful! Wow! Now I want to go there.