Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Charlotte: I want the yellow and pink jammies, and yellow panties.
Rob: (With pink jammies and white panties,) those aren't in your drawer.
Charlotte: Well, I need pink panties (to match.)
Rob: It's okay, white goes with everything.
Charlotte: (Notices pink on the elastic waistband.) Pink and white are my favorite colors. And yellow and orange. Those are my favorite colors in the whole world.
Rob: What about purple?
Charlotte: And purple. And yellow and orange and pink and white. Those are my favorite colors in the whole alphabet.


Anonymous said...

HMMM not sure what is funnier the colors of the alphabet, the fact she has so many favorites, or picturing Rob trying to convince her that white goes with everything.

Boys and girls are seriously night and day. The major fight we have in our house is just putting clean clothes on. As in we would like him to wear clothes and have them be clean at some point in the day. He would like to wear nothing or dirty stuff all day. Matching is not an issue. I LOVE the things overheard portion of your blog.


Mandy said...

LOL that is soooo cute! she cares about matching too! awesome!