Sunday, July 25, 2010

churchy stuff

Charlotte gave her first talk in Primary today!

Here's a little background for those not familiar with our church meetings... Sunday services run about 3 hours. The first hour everyone is together in the chapel for the Sacrament meeting. Then the kids go to Primary, and then their Sunday School classes by age (12-18 year olds go to Young Men's/Young Women's.) The adults also go to a class called Gospel Doctrine, and then to either Priesthood (Men) or Relief Society (Women.) Toby goes to a Nursery for the last 2 hour block and has snacks, music and playtime, plus a mini-lesson.

This morning before church.

So, Charlotte was asked to prepare a talk for Primary. Obviously, I helped (a lot,) but the idea was hers. Here's what we said (You can probably figure out some of the Charlotte bits):

This is Polar Bear. He is Charlotte's favorite friend. We take him with us when we travel. He helps her feel safe and comfy. His favorite food is vanilla soup. We can be baptized just like Jesus was. And then we can have the Holy Ghost with us, no matter where we travel. He can also help us to feel safe and comforted. In Jesus' name, Amen.

I appreciate that kids are asked, even from 3 years old, to help teach one another gospel principles. I am really impressed when Charlotte shows me she has her own understanding of questions that I sometimes struggle with as an adult. We have also been reading Scripture Stories together for about a month now as a family and we have put Charlotte in charge of reminding us to do that each day. She has really surprised me with her enthusiasm for this responsibility. (I know the ice cream reward that comes once a week when we do it doesn't hurt!) Anyway, I am just happy to see her asking good questions and really trying to understand the answers we give. It's great to have these conversations with her already!

Bonus Toby shot.

We took the front off the crib, so Toby is now able to get in and out without climbing over the top. One night we found he had climbed out of bed and "read" the General Conference issue of the Ensign (that is a semi-annual worldwide church meeting with talks from our Prophet and General Authorities) in this chair in the Nursery and had fallen asleep in the process. (It happens to the best of us!)


Mandy said...

oh, how precious!!! That is so awesome for Charlotte to be understanding so much! You have a right to be very proud :-) And little Toby is looking so handsome. His hair is getting lighter too, right? Love the pic of him reading. Too cute.

Aubrey said...

This is such a great post, Julie! It is awesome the way little ones approach the Gospel and faith-based issues. And I love that Charlotte's talk included Polar. That's so fitting. :)

Harmony said...

Way to go, Charlotte!