Tuesday, July 20, 2010


During the first half of July my college roomie Karen came to visit! We had sooooo much fun hanging out together. We mostly stayed close to home, but still did a lot- including: a Rhine Cruise, Michelstadt, Rothenberg, shopping in Heidelberg, and a spa day in Baden-Baden. We also lounged by the pool, ate many, many ice cream cones, and watched BBC period dramas. I loved it! Karen took about a million photos, but here are just a couple of my favorite moments. I'm so glad you came Nerak, I can't wait to hang out with you again. :)

Taking a break in the shade in Michelstadt.

After riding Top Spin at Heinerfest in Darmstadt. (While spinning you up in the air, it periodically shoots water in your face.) I haven't been on a ride anything like this in years. It was awesome!

Karen is such a trouble maker,
she got locked up in Rothenberg...

And then I took her to the Vivarium and threatened her with being fed to the R.O.U.S.s... although it turns out they are vegetarians.

Toby and I climbing around some castle ruins.

Killing time on the Rhine cruise return trip.

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Mandy said...

aw, I love that first pic of the kids, they are so cute! Glad to know you are doing well :-)