Monday, August 09, 2010

2 year Germiversary

This past weekend we celebrated 2 years in Germany (by going out for Greek food, actually.) As we are looking to the future and questioning where we will be at this time next year, (answer: we have no idea,) a lot of thoughts have come to mind....

"There are canned goods in our cupboard that don't expire until well AFTER we will leave here."

"We are really going to miss the chocolate, and the cheese, and fresh baked bread. Really."

"We are really not going to miss Schnitzel, or chasing down the only waitress in a restaurant to beg for a packet of ketchup."

"Living in a village with a walkable pool, grocery, pharmacy, school, forest, zoo, and playground is amazing, and not a possibility most places in the US-- that are not cities."

"Not to sound like a broken record, but I miss Target, and Panera, and Chik-Fil-A... and this week-- Pizza Pipeline, is that still a place?"

"These past two years we've had a really unique opportunity to travel and experience life as a tight-knit family, without the distractions of outside activities, and social commitments."

"We miss our extended families and dear friends terribly."

"We've made some great new friendships based on these shared experiences."

"It would be soooo nice to not have to drive 45 minutes for a trip to the library."

"We need to figure out where we are going to live all over again."

In short, we are thankful that we have had this opportunity to live in Germany at this point in our lives... but we are getting ready for it to be done. :)

Charlotte and Toby are each other's best friends.
(And the silliest kids I have ever met.)

Family bowling-- Charlotte's celebratory dance.

Toby is a bowling fool-- throwing his hands in the air and saying "YES!" (They totally beat Rob & I-- but they did have bumpers and ramps.)


The Spiveys said...

Come back to our area!!!!

Mim said...

Think about NC! Anywhere in the US would be great. I've missed you! But what a great experience and opportunity you guys have had to really see and know another part of the world!

Jen said...

Has it really been 2 years? Crazy how time flies! I vote back in MD... No one has spit sandwich on me since Rob left!

Harmony said...

A reason all in itself -- TARGET! I never realized how CONVENIENT life in America was until coming here.

To your 45-minute drive to the library, I'll the grocery store and church.

Mandy said...

oh wow, only a year left! Now begins the "This is our last (Christmas Market, Oktoberfest, etc.) in Germany!" The last year is bittersweet :-) And then before you know it you'll be back in the US, and relishing every Target visit...I still get excited when I go, and it's already been a year here!