Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's go to the movies

I'm trying to do something really fun for the kids each week right now. This past week we went to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theater on base. It was Toby's first movie experience... and he was really as good as I could have hoped. Except of course that every time Big Baby came on screen he'd yell "baby! baby!" and when he left the screen Toby would yell "baby go?" If you've seen the movie you'll realize this happened about every 3 minutes for the entire film. But, like I said, it was pretty good. ;)

If you've never gone to a movie on a military base, you might not know that they do things a little bit differently. This particular theater is huge- but it is only one screen, so on any given weekend they show 3 movies at most. An adult ticket costs me $4.50 and the kids are free. Also, before the film, they play the national anthem along with clips of the military doing their thing and everyone stands and/or salutes.

As a non-military person, I find it an interesting contrast to everyday life in the States, where it seems the national anthem is traditionally associated with baseball and little else these days. My opinions on nationalism, the military, and Americana in general are really mixed. I am thankful I was born in the United States. I think we don't appreciate the HUGE blessing that is until we spend some time away from the luxuries and freedoms of home. But I also know other people who are extremely proud of their nationalities, and I don't think we, as a country, need to force ourselves, and our ways of doing things, upon the rest of the world.

Charlotte asked me after the anthem, "What is Army?" Hmmm. I explained that these people she sees on base are soldiers, and as a group they are "the Army." That satisfied her... but it's bigger than that, as I well know. Anyway, sorry to wax philosophical, it's not usually my thing on this blog, but it's really a strange life we are living here sometimes and I felt like sharing my thoughts today.


Aubrey said...

The base movie theater is a...unique experience. That's for sure. Charlotte's "What's Army?" query made me think too. I like it when you share your thoughts, Julie. Wax on, my friend, wax on. :)

Harmony said...

I agree, I liked hearing your thoughts, Julie. I'd love to hear more. :)