Monday, August 16, 2010

Toby turns 2!

On Saturday we celebrated Toby's second birthday. We had some friends over for Indian food and birthday cake. (And peach pie... what can I say, I was feeling ambitious in the kitchen.)

Toby loves puppies right now, and especially Blue's Clues. So I made this cake and we played a quick game of Blue's Clues before singing Happy Birthday.

Toby blew out his candles like a pro.


"Party people in the house."

Toby just adores Kate and Ella.

Jack attacks the cake...

... and then Toby attacks the cake! ;)


Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday, Toby Bear! Ella and Kate love you to pieces.

P.S. "Ambitious" doesn't do your delicious food justice, Julie! The Indian was fantastic and the peach pie was DIVINE.

Leah said...

Happy birthday smiley man!! =) I wish I could have been there!! He is SO adorable!!!! I can't believe he's two..he looks so big! So when's the next one going to be coming along :)??

Mandy said...

aw, Happy Birthday sweet Toby! Looks like a great party, Julie!

Aaron said...

I'm still so impressed with your cake decorating and party planning skills. Thanks again! We loved being there.