Monday, September 20, 2010

how old are you anyway?

Okay so we celebrated Toby's birthday forever ago, but he only just turned two a few days ago. So now I am doing Toby's 2 year old update. :)

At 2, Toby is 36 inches tall (85th %) and weighs 31 lbs (80th %.)

In the past few weeks he has REALLY started putting some words together and communicating with us. I hear a lot of "no unt to," and "Toe do it," and "air Guy go?" throughout my day. ('Guy' is his favorite stuffed frog's name.)

Toby and I love having our mornings together, while Charlotte is at school, to go for walks, clean, play, and do puzzles together. He is obsessed with puzzles right now and is shockingly good at them. I mean, we're doing 60 piece puzzles now. I keep at the puzzles with him, because when I don't, he finds other things to take apart and put together again-- like my vacuum and the TV remote. Someone told me this means he'll be an engineer. I think I told them that's only if he survives long enough to do so!

His temperament is still amazingly mellow and easygoing. I love that about him! I also love that Charlotte told me he is one of her best friends, and that he holds my face in his two hands, looks me in the eyes, and says "wub ooo mom" before bed at night. Seriously, someday there is going to be a lucky, lucky girl in my little man's life. I already kinda don't like her. (Just kidding!)

So, happy birthday to my sweet boy. Toby, you are one in a bazillion and we love you. xoxo

Bonus Charlotte story...
Tonight while Charlotte was in the tub I asked her about her day at Kindergarten.

Me: So what happened at school today?
C: I saw a kitten by the fence on the playground and my teacher picked it up and put it on the other side so it could be with its mommy.
M: Wow, that was good that you helped the kitten.
C: I didn't help it, my teacher did. (rolls eyes.) I was holding hands with that boy with the soft hair.
M: You were holding hands with the boy with the soft hair?
C: Yeah.
M: Do you know his name?
C: Nope. He's not my friend.
M: He's not your friend.... but you were holding hands?
C: Yeah, he's nice.
M: (Thinking at least I learned something at the parents' night that was all in German when I met a mom who told me that Oliver liebt 'Charlotta'... Oliver is 6.) Is his name Oliver?
C: Oh yeah. His name's Oliver. Can I paint my nails?
M: Sure, we can paint your nails after your bath. (I realize she changed the subject, but I'm kinda glad about it.)
C: No, I want to paint my nails.
M: Fine. You paint your nails... your highness. ;)

She didn't do half bad.


Harmony said...

Charlotte's got a boyfriend?! These kids are growing up too fast!

felicity & nathaniel said...

I'm really terrified for you for when she turns 13, let alone 16! Haha. I love that story. I love your big man Tobes too.