Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's Party!

Over the weekend we celebrated Charlotte's FOURTH birthday with some of our friends at Halli Galli Kinderwelt.

Charlotte got to pick out a cake at the Commissary, (which she has been wanting to do for 2 years,) and I put some My Little Ponies on it.

Dinner time! Pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries, oh my!!
Do you think Charlotte's having a good time being the center of attention or what?

The kiddos also spent a lot of time playing.
Toby, of course, located the Legos.

Here comes Cameron!

A little sensory overload for the adorable Miss Kate,
but she found some fun stuff to do too.

Girls in the ball pit- Sarah Jane, Ella, and Aubrey.

Oh man, this was a serious party!
Charlotte was so completely overjoyed the entire time. Even after tucking her in bed at night, I heard her singing Happy Birthday to herself. She cracks me up. ;)


felicity & nathaniel said...

I had SO MUCH FUN at Charlotte's party. I told N I want my next party to be there too. haha! Great pictures!

Mandy said...

Wow, that sounds like the most awesome party EVER! 4-year old heaven! Love the look on Charlotte's face at the dining table. Hilarious.