Monday, November 08, 2010

Iceland... continued

Just a few more photos I want to share from Iceland, and then I promise to move on. ;)

This was the last waterfall that we went to see, Skogafoss. It is at the base of that volcano that was causing all of the mischief over the summer with flights around Europe. You can see the ground is completely black with volcanic ash here.

The view of our car in the parking lot from the top of the waterfall. Rob is the only one who hiked to the top because it was a loooong way and it was super cold and windy out. The kiddos and I watched from the car and ate M&Ms. ;)

There are massive wide open spaces in Iceland. We spent a lot of time driving around on gravel roads in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes we just had to stop and stretch our legs with a quick game of tag in the "highway." (Those resourceful Icelanders are hauling that same volcanic ash around to make these roads.)

We returned to Gulfoss because it is just that amazing.
That is Rob and Toby up on the cliff overlooking the waterfall.

On our last day we went to the Blue Lagoon.
This hot spring was a great way to spend a few hours before a long flight. They have buckets of silica mud on the banks that you can do "mud masks" with and waterfalls to stand under. Rob and I took turns enjoying steam rooms and saunas. The kiddos had swimmies on the whole time and loved splashing around.
Note: We realize it's rather unusual to bring two small kids to a spa in Iceland, but if we didn't, then we couldn't go either, and they really seem to like traveling too. It's just the way we roll. ;)
Below is a bonus video of the Geysir going off.

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