Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New York, NY

After Utah, we flew back to JFK and had 24 hours before our flight to Germany. We checked into a hotel, got some sleep, and decided in the morning to have a mini-trip into the city for some holly, jolly fun. (And to wear out kids- very important before a red eye flight, stay tuned for more of Julie's travel tips.)

First stop- Rockefeller Center to see the (in)famous Christmas tree. This place was insane! Silly me, first Saturday after Thanksgiving. The kids were not terribly impressed by the Swavarski crystal star, and it was daytime so the lights were not thrilling either. But oh well, we tried. ;)

After Rockefeller Center we peeked in shop windows and strolled to the Carnegie Deli.

Here we had a traditional New York lunch.

Rob and I shared a Reuben the size of my head and a meat knish, while Charlotte and Toby split a foot long hot dog. Then we decided we all needed a little cheesecake topped with chocolate mousse.

Oh. My. Goodness. This place is good.
(No wonder it is so dang crowded.)
After lunch we had to work off those calories by trekking back (via Subway, train, and shuttle) to JFK airport for the long flight home. It was a good little mini-break though. :)
(Really, for the cheesecake alone I would do it again.)

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