Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade for the holidays

I decided to be ambitious and do an "all-homemade-ornaments" tree this year. That way the kids can rearrange the ornaments all they want, and if stuff breaks I don't mind so much. We already had pine cones and gingerbread men we made last year. So we just did a couple more crafts to fill it out.

These are our family tree ornaments. I picked up these mini frames at Michael's when we were in the US and cut, or printed, photos of all of our family. Then I just attached some ribbon to hang them. The kiddos really love pointing out all of their "friends" and grandmas and grandpas. I love that we managed to get everyone, and Allen is the only one repeated twice... and Newel, Karolina, and Jack's photo is a drawing done by Karolina. (Sorry Rachel, there is a major glare on your face in this photo, but I promise you look great!)

These yarn ornaments I saw on Homemade Mamas and they were super easy. Charlotte helped me do them, but she didn't like the sticky glue. Sigh. We just tied on ribbons after popping the balloons and hung them on the tree. Cheap and cute, and kinda old-fashioned looking. I like it. ;)

Shhh, don't tell Toby!
This is the quilt I made him for Christmas this year. I turned the corner down so you could see the orange backside. I wanted it to be a little bit grown-up looking for the Little Man of the house. I think it turned out really cute with the quilting done with orange thread in diamonds.

One more secret photo!
This is the quilt I made for Charlotte this year. It's hard to see in the pic, but the quilting in the center is a square spiral that "twists" a bit.

The front has ladybugs and daisies, and the back is a blue/white checked gingham & white block, checkerboard pattern. I'm sure there will be many stuffed animal picnics happening on this one.

Charlotte enjoying our Pyramiden.
The heat from the candles makes a fan on top turn and the wise men and shepherds go around the mini-nativity scene in the center. No, I didn't make this!! I just loved the photo and wanted to share it. :)


Aubrey said...

I love the quilts!!!!!!! Well done, my friend! C and T are going to love them.

Ah, having a Michael's nearby makes for some fun, easy crafting. Bummer that we have to travel thousands of miles just to find one. :)

Mandy said...

Wow Julie! You are so crafty! Those blankets are so awesome and beautiful. And I loved the pic of Charlotte looking at the candles. Your tree decorating ideas sound wonderful! We settled for store bought plastic ones this year.

Rachel said...

Out of ALL the family, I am the only one whose face isn't showing?! Geez Louise. I am so unappreciated. ;)

Harmony said...

Wow, are amazing! Such a great idea with the handmade ornaments. I loved the one you made for me.
I had no idea you were a quilter!
Where did you get that wooden decoration with the candles? At the Christmas market?