Sunday, December 19, 2010

our angelic little lamb

Charlotte has participated in TWO Nativity plays this weekend. On Friday evening, her Kindergarten did one with all 80-100 of the 3-7 year olds. (Ambitious, huh?) Charlotte's class were the sheep and other animals. We thought she did really well, and she was VERY proud of herself. :)

Performing their first of 2 songs.

ALL of the Kindergarten children during the finale.
(Charlotte is on the lower mid-left of this photo.)

Charlotte and her best German buddy, Paula.

Singing "Hei und Stroh"
which as far as I can gather translates to "safe/warm and straw." I guess the animals would think a bed of straw a very good place for the infant Jesus to be placed? This is just the last minute of the song, I HAD to show you how Charlotte dances along when she isn't quite sure of the words. Awesome. :)

The Nativity at our church Christmas party was somewhat less successful. Charlotte (an angel) decided to have stage fright. Rob and I couldn't figure it out, but we think the difference was rehearsal time. At school they practiced all week, so Charlotte was prepared and knew what to do. At church, it was a much simpler production and the kids were just told to "act" their parts.
Now we know... Charlotte does not do improv.


pnarula said...

How is her German?

Mandy said...

CUTE! Charlotte is so precious!