Friday, January 14, 2011

What was I thinking?

Last night I thought Charlotte might like to watch While You Were Sleeping with me. It's a "clean" movie I thought- no swearing, no scary action, kinda funny moments. This should be fun, right? Well it was... but not for the reasons I expected.

The entire movie was a stream of questions from my inquisitive little one.

"Why is he sleeping?"
"How can he still be sleeping with all of those people in his room?"
"Why is she talking to him when he's in a coma?" (Yes, I was answering all of these questions.)
"Why doesn't she have a family? That's sad."
"Why is she dipping a cookie in the cat food? That's gross!" (I agree.)
"Does she love that guy?" (Joe Jr.)
"Does she love that guy?" (Jack)
"Does she love that guy?" (Sol)

"At the beginning she said 'I love you' to Peter, so she is going to marry Peter."
"Why did she kiss Jack? If you kiss someone you have to marry them." (Mistletoe.)
"Why didn't she marry Peter, Mom!?"
"She has to marry somebody so she isn't lonely anymore!"
"I don't understand why she married Jack."

"Can I marry Toby?" (No.) "When we're grown-ups?" (No.) "But Toby is my best friend, and I want to marry my best friend like you and Daddy." (Awww.)
"When I go to bed, will I wake up again?" (I promise.)

I probably wouldn't have been amused by having to answer questions for an hour and a half if we weren't watching something I practically have memorized... but as it was, we both had a good time. I look forward to watching many more chick flicks with my little chick-- when she gets a bit older. ;)


Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Charlotte knows that you don't figure things out unless you ask lots of questions. Good luck, Mom. :)

Rachel said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I wish I had been there for that. I love that movie, and I just about died reading that. I think my favorite is, "If you kiss someone, you have to marry them."
Your kids rock.

chrisnallynkids said...

My kids decided they were all going to marry each other after we went to Emily Tayman's wedding. That is really sweet that Charlotte says Tobi is her best friend. I hope she says that for lots of years to come!

chrisnallynkids said...

Your kids do rock! And my kids love to come on your blog to see pictures and especially videos of their cousins. I have been wanting to watch Ever After with my girls. Maybe I will have something funny to write about after that!