Sunday, February 20, 2011

the ABCs of Toby

Affectionate- Toby loves his mom. He loves his dad. He loves his sister. He loves his froggy 'Guy.' He loves his doll baby 'Lisa.' You get the idea. :)

Boy- He is 100% male. From leaping off the couch to torturing his older sister.

Cuddly- "Tuddle me mom." One of my favorite things to hear.

Daddy's boy- He watches everything Rob does and does his best to imitate him.

Eater- He ate 4 pancakes and a yogurt for breakfast yesterday and would have had more if we hadn't cut him off.

Forgiving- He will hug his sister and accept her apology 2 seconds after she shoves him down.

Giggler- His big belly laugh often takes people by surprise, since he is otherwise pretty mellow. (see Quiet.)

Handsome- and perhaps a little vain, since I tell him how handsome he is every single day.

Impatient- He is 2 and a half after all.

Jumper- He will attempt to jump off of anything... preferably into someone's arms, but not necessarily. (see Boy.)

Kissable. :x

Laid back- It's true. My little man likes to be carried, cuddled, and lounge around whenever possible. He is not stressed out-- ever.

Mechanically minded- Toby excels at doing things with his hands. Building, taking apart, working the DVD player, getting dressed. He's a hand-eye coordination whiz. (see Puzzle man.)

Not nocturnal- Thankfully, Toby sleeps from about 7 pm to 7 am. No matter what time zone we drop him into.

Obstinate- What can I say? He comes by it honestly.

Puzzle man- He will sit and do puzzles for hours... the more challenging the better.

Quiet- He doesn't say a lot, but when he does talk, it is because he has something worth saying.

Runner- I can't wait to have a yard for Toby to play in. As it is, I have him run laps in our house to burn off some of his energy. (see Boy.)

Stud- He's already a lady's man. ;) We're going to be in big trouble one day. (see Affectionate.)

Traveler- He is ready to go, anytime, anywhere. We are soon going to add 4 countries to the list of places he has been in his short life... and the fun part is he LOVES it.

Understanding- Toby is surprisingly empathetic and aware/considerate of other people's feelings.

Violence abhoring- He rarely (not never) resorts to violence. Even when I think he ought to sometimes. (Like defending himself against a tyrannical older sister.)

Water lover- Whether in the bathtub, the pool, or the ocean. He loves getting wet.

Xenophobic- Not really. I just couldn't think of any other x adjectives.

Yummy- At least I threaten to eat him all up on a regular basis, so he seems like he would be yummy.

Zen- see Laid back.

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