Monday, February 14, 2011

a Charlotte story in 3 parts


Rob is getting Charlotte dressed and can't locate clean underwear for her so he asks her to wear Toby's Lightning McQueen underoos. (He isn't really wearing them yet anyway, but I like to be ready in case he decides to potty train one day.) Charlotte points out that they are for boys and they are "kinda funny," but okay, she'll wear them.


Charlotte is at a birthday party for a girl in her Kindergarten class. I take her to the bathroom and notice her interesting underwear.
Me: What are you wearing?!
C: Lightning McQueen panties.
Me: Do you know those are Toby's?
C: Daddy put them on me this morning.
Me: [laughing] Okay.


Rob is getting Charlotte ready for her bath.
C: Daddy, I don't want to wear these panties again. They scare Mommy.
R: They scare her??
C: Yeah, they scared her and then she laughed at me.

Note: I was not SCARED, just surprised. Good heavenly days.

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Aubrey said...


Charlotte wearing Lightning McQueen underwear isn't scary. ROB wearing Lightning McQueen underwear. Now that would be scary. :)