Monday, March 14, 2011


One day while looking at a map of Europe, I had the "brilliant" idea that we should drive a loop around Eastern Europe and see some of the cities that we might not have a chance to again. The plan grew and grew until it included 7 cities in 8 days. We covered nearly 1500 miles and spent about 23 hours in the car. Here's our route if you're curious. And now for the photos-- I promise to share only the highlights, or this could go on forever. ;)

Our first pit-stop was Nuremberg, Germany. We strolled the old town for just an hour or so and then grabbed some lunch. (Note: Throughout this trip there were many WWII and Communist memorials and museums that Rob and I normally would have been very interested in seeing... however, with 2 small children, we could not possibly go to places like the "Nazi Documentation Center" or the "House of Terror." I'm sure you can understand.)

Rob and I liked the Nuremberger-- 3 little brats on a roll with senf (mustard.) They say in Nuremberg that it's not the size of the sausage, but the flavor that counts. Yum.

After lunch, it was on to Prague.
Charlotte and Toby in front of the chapel at Prague Castle.

Charlotte enjoyed trying on some princess-wear... but a few days, and a few castles, later she told me that she definitely does not want to be a princess. Me neither. She's a smart girl.

On the Charles Bridge with Castle Hill behind us.
There are statues lining both sides of the bridge, and I kept Charlotte entertained on the walk by making up stories about each of them. She walked pretty much this entire trip!

Downtown Prague is very picturesque.
I love the towers with all the mini-turrets.

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, dating back to the 1400s. There may be as many as 10,000 people buried here, as the graves are stacked on top of one another due to limited space. We also visited the Old New Synagogue-- completed in 1270, and Europe's oldest active synagogue. (No photos allowed inside.)

Castle Hill at sunset.
I think our favorite meal of the trip was at Colosseum Pizza in Prague. We thought it would be an "easy out" with the kids, but it totally surprised us. There was a guy playing guitar, candlelit tables, and best of all- a kid's corner! Our kids played while Rob and I had a lovely dinner.
The next morning we headed out to Bratislava, Slovakia.
The old town was teeny, tiny and very cute. They have several of these humorous statues around that the kids thought were fantastic.

We strolled to Michael's Gate (built around 1270) and had lunch in an Irish Pub.

Say "cheese."

Is that a UFO behind me?
No it's just a goofy example of Communist era bridge architecture.

We were told by a friend that we HAD to stop in Kaffee Mayer in Bratislava and have a piece of cake. This was Charlotte's choice-- and she LOVED it. :)

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Mandy said...

WOW Julie and Rob--what an ambitious trip! It sounds fantastic and much less stressful than air travel. I wish we had gone to Hungary. Thanks for telling us all about your awesome road trip. That pic of Charlotte in the princess outfit is priceless.