Monday, April 04, 2011

The Birthday Man

Newborn Man

The Original "Little Man" Rob- 6 mos. old "Little Man" Jr. Toby- 6 mos. old Big Brother Man
Big Hair Man

Missionary Man

(Madagascar or Ile de la Reunion)

Married Man

First Time Daddy Man with Charlotte

Second Time Daddy Man with Tobias (Same shirt? Must be good luck!) OutdoorsMan Traveling Man
Family Man

My Man :)


She Made It Crafts said...

Sounds like Congrats are in order, Happy Birthday cousin!

Aubrey said...

Happy birthday, Robbus Andersonius (that's your Latin name, in case you didn't recognize it).

Have you put that red shirt in a special place so you can take it to the hospital for the birth of Baby #3??