Sunday, April 10, 2011


After a good night's sleep, We drove to nearby Keukenhof to see the tulips and other flowers in bloom. It is still quite early in the Spring, so not all of the tulips were open yet, but there were PLENTY for us to admire and take photos of. We also ate some yummy Dutch food-- fresh stroopwaffles and Dutch apple pie with hot chocolate. I'm glad we went early in the Spring and early in the morning, because we were able to avoid the crowds, and the kids could run around pretty freely. It was a gorgeous day!

You can actually walk across the pond on these little platforms. However, Rob took the kids out on just the first one, since it was only 50 degrees out and we didn't have another change of clothes for anybody.

I love these bright yellow fringed tulips!
After our first loud chorus of "Don't pick the flowers!" The kids, thankfully, didn't try to do it again.

Just a little field of daffodils. ;)

Rob took the kids in the petting zoo.
(Me and my flip-flopped feet gladly waited outside the dangerous doo-doo zone.)

A rainbow of flowers. This place is kinda like Disneyland for botanists.

We climbed up this windmill and listened as a visiting band played below.
The view of some of the fields from the windmill.

Another way to tempt our children into the very cold water was with these crazy bridges.

Of course, Charlotte needed to try it as well. They ended up with some wet feet from this one, but nothing too major.

These blooms were as big as Rob's hand!
I've never seen such beautiful flowers.

Silly girl.

This place was much more fun for the kids than tromping around museums in the city.

We just kept saying, "Ooooh, look at THOSE!"

And "I like THESE the best!" Over and over again. :)
It was a great day and to top it all off, the kids were so exhausted they slept half of the way home. Yay!


Harmony said...

Great pictures. I just love that place. Looks like you had a nice time!

Cissy said...

Julie, I've been to Europe only once (Denmark, three years ago), but your pictures and descriptions are calling me back! I'm so glad you take so many opportunities to enjoy the cities and countrysides with your family. One of my dreams is to be forced by my husband's job to relocate just for a year.

Your family is so sweet; maybe I'll get the chance to meet those cute children someday.