Tuesday, June 14, 2011

all in a day's work

Hi folks! I know I haven't been blogging lately, and I think a brief rundown of our past week might help to explain why. (The few weeks prior were similarly busy, I promise.)

Last Tuesday- shipped our car to the US and packed our bags.

Wednesday- Headed to Frankfurt airport at 7 am, and after many computer glitches and security searches (Really? What is my 4 year old hiding? We were fully cooperative, but a little sensitivity and age-appropriate explanation would go a long way, TSA. I'm just sayin'.) JUST made it onto a 10 hr flight to Atlanta, GA, followed by a 3 hr layover and 1 more mini-flight to Augusta, GA. Arrived at the hotel at 8 pm (2 am Germany time.) Somehow we were all still functioning and the kids had ZERO meltdowns. A serious blessing.

Thursday- Went to Verizon and bought cell phones, had lunch out, stopped at Target, and then the kids and I settled in for naps while Rob went car shopping. Went out for dinner and then took the kiddos to the pool. (The high temps have been between 95 and 100 degrees since we got here. Let's here it for AC!!)

Friday- More car shopping for Rob, and he bought a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer. Then we had to drive back to the airport to return the rental car and loaner car seats (our car seats finally had arrived after getting on the wrong flight from Atlanta.) Then dinner at Chik-Fil-A so the kids could play. They have been soooooo patient with all of the grown-up boring stuff, and living in a hotel room. We've had some frustrations but really they are the BEST little travelers.

Saturday- House hunting! We made appointments through a realtor to see 5 houses in the Evans area and found 1 in particular that we really like. We MIGHT be signing a lease later today. (We're still debating trying to find something a little cheaper that we like or just being done with this house hunting business.)

Sunday- Church at 8:30 am! We met a lot of really friendly people (even another 4 year old girl named Charlotte) and were invited to lunch by a super nice family that just moved in a week ago themselves. After our daily required naps, we went out to explore and found the Columbia County library and BEAUTIFUL playground & amphitheater. We ran into 2 more families there that we had met at church- 1 that arrived 1 month ago, and 1 that moved in 3 months ago. Looks like there's a lot of turnover in the summers here!

Monday- Rob went to work! Woo-hoo! The kids and I did laundry, went swimming, and kept pretty busy at the hotel. Then we all went out exploring again and got Rob and the kids haircuts and picked up Papa John's pizza for dinner at the hotel.

Today! We went out for breakfast and then I had my first ob/gyn appointment. (For those of you keeping track, I am now headed into week 32. The doctor seems nice and everything is going well with the pregnancy.) I also made an appointment to pre-register at University Hospital where we'll hopefully deliver our baby girl in August. And then Rob went to work and the kids and I are once again hanging out in the hotel. :)

So that is a look at what our lives have been like lately. We are really happy to be back in the US, and we are looking forward to being a bit more settled in before the baby is born. Next week we are headed to the Outer Banks to lounge on the beach and visit with some of our extended family... we are SO EXCITED about this trip and I promise I will blog it... eventually. ;)


felicity & nathaniel said...

holy cow-- busy family! Can't wait to hear how the house hunt ends. XOXO

Aubrey said...

Moving -- especially moving to a different continent while pregnant -- is so much WORK. It makes me tired just reading about it!

Have fun with the fam at the Outer banks! We miss you back in Deutschland. :)

Harmony said...

Glad to hear things have fallen into place quickly. I'd love to see photos of your house. When do you move in?