Sunday, July 17, 2011

Play us a song...'re the piano man. ;)

I've had that going through my head ever since we bought this used piano last week. Rob is the only one in the house who really plays the piano (I took 2 semesters at BYU, but that is barely anything.) So anyway, he has been entertaining all of our requests to the best of his ability-- which will be about a thousand times easier when we get him some sheet music. Maybe in January Charlotte will begin to take lessons? We'll see... maybe we'll wait a year. For now, we are all loving listening to Rob play for us.

Today I borrowed a copy of the Children's Songbook from our church so Rob has some music to practice with until we buy some of our own. (Also, any re-upholstering tips for the gold colored seat cushion? I'm not sure we can handle its awesomeness long term.)

Another project while we waited for our furniture this past week was this tether ball pole in the backyard. The kids are a little clueless yet, but had tons of fun out there with Rob- who was only missing his "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt.

And finally this is me at 36 weeks-- with all my babies.
This was just after nap, and Toby is choosing to be clothing-free for the photo. I also considered taking the photo of me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen for maximum effect, but wanted to show you the fireplace instead and the vase Rob picked out and filled with eucalyptus clippings from our yard. He's so cute. :)


chrisnallynkids said...

Nice Rob! Playing the piano for your family, playing with the kids outside, and decorating! Love it! And you are looking great Julie! can't wait to meet the new little GUY!

Harmony said...

What a gorgeous home! I hope to see more photos of it. We had an ugly piano bench growing up. My mom put a piece of fabric to cover it, table-cloth style.