Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it Jacob, or is it Memorex?

If you get that reference, congratulations! You are at least as old as me. :)

We comment a lot on how much Jacob and Toby look alike, and I remembered this one picture of Toby at 5 months old that I just LOVE, so I decided to replicate it with Jacob at 5 months old and do a little comparison. No doubt they are brothers, but I can definitely tell them apart and see their unique features. Can you? Check out these two photos, make your guess, and check the comments for the answer.

Baby #1 (or is it?!?)

Baby #2 (hmmmm)

Weird that I mirror-imaged the photo set-up without meaning to. Now, no fair scrolling down for more photo help before you've made your guess, but here is an update on Jakey at 5 months old.

Jacob is my Lovey Bear. That's what I call him, because he wants to be with me ALL. THE. TIME. If I'm not actually holding him, he wants to be sitting in the high chair while I cook, or catching my eye from across the room. This boy loves his mama.

He has started eating solid foods and now has some baby food at dinner time with us every night. Sadly, it's not making him sleep longer. *sigh*

He drools SO. MUCH. Maybe he is teething? Maybe that's why I don't get to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a shot? I dunno.

He loves to giggle and babble. He now says da-da-da-da, blows raspberries, and squeeeeeals- with joy or annoyance as the occasion requires.

He's discovered his feet and thinks they are really, really cool. He doesn't like when I cover them up with socks. (It leads to those squeals of annoyance I just mentioned.)

He is SO. FAT. He has that buttery, soft, squishable chub over the entire surface of his body. I just kiss him all day long and tell him that I'm going to eat him up I love him so! (Anyone catch that reference?) By the way, why do we resort to cannibalism when expressing love to our babies? I have no idea- but it just feels right. :)

PS- This last photo is from a picnic we took in the park recently. On a 70 degree day in January we can go on picnics in the park!!! I am not tired of GA yet.


Rob & Julie said...

Baby #1 is Toby and Baby #2 is Jakey. Toby has my head, but Rob's lips. Jakey has Rob's head and my lips. I think. What do you think?

Aubrey said...

Woah. I would have SWORN that Baby #2 was Toby! I didn't realize how similar they look!

I definitely think Jacob has your lips. I also think that it's very little wonder that ALL THREE of your boys love you to the point of never wanting to leave your side. You are awesome, Julie! I miss you. (Sniff. Sniff.)

chrisnallynkids said...

NO WAY! I guessed wrong!!! I was so sure I was right! I was even just looking at a video I took of Toby when he was a baby. I thought surely Jacob was baby 1 because there's so much baby fat.