Saturday, February 04, 2012

10 things

I am having trouble remembering to take photos and finding time to post to the blog lately, but I thought I'd give a quick family update tonight-- top 10 style.

#10. Rob and I are off soda for the month of February. We don't have a daily soda habit- but close- and I can personally say that the headaches that hit me on the 2nd and 3rd have me seriously considering never drinking the stuff again. (We'll see how I feel about that by day 15 or so.)

#9. I took Charlotte and Toby to a drop-in playgroup at a gymnastics school. They (Toby especially) had so much fun bouncing, balancing, tumbling, and dancing. It was so cute. We'll be back to that again for sure.

#8. I made acorn squash soup last week. Rob loved it. The kids hated it. I thought it was so-so.

#7. According to our bathroom scale, Jacob weighs 21 lbs. He is as mellow and cuddly and delicious as ever.

#6. Charlotte and Toby taught Jacob to growl. Have I already mentioned this? Am I repeating myself? Am I repeating myself?

#5. I love the storytime librarian an Thursdays. She is animated and friendly and kind. I do not like the storytime librarian on Wednesdays, she is the opposite of everything I just said about the other librarian.

#4. We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, and basil today. It was 75 degrees out. Before you tell me it may still frost, let me tell you that they are in pots so we can bring them in at night if needed.

#3. Rob is going on a solo camping trip soon. I hope he has a great time out hiking on the AT. :)

#2. My birthday is later this month. We're going to take the kiddos to the GA Aquarium to celebrate. I can't wait for them to see that whale shark. Awesome.

#1. We're going to UTAH! We bought tickets tonight!!! :D

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Alecia said...

Wahoo!!! When are you coming to Utah? How long are you guys staying? I would love to see you when you are here so keep me posted...