Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Barf-day to me!

Yesterday was my birthday. :) To celebrate, I wanted us to go to the GA Aquarium (the world's largest aquarium!) for the day. Despite the fact that Jakey and I had not been well Sunday morning, I thought we could still manage this day trip. So Rob took the day off of work and that is what we did. We had a great time there. It really is an impressive place. We enjoyed the dolphin show, the HUGE ocean tank with 4 whale sharks, finding Nemo in the coral reef exhibit, watching the albino alligator in the African exhibit (he seemed to be dreaming about chasing something,) singing to the Beluga Whales, petting sharks, and laughing at the otters and penguins.

Toby watches a whale shark swim by.

Rob, Toby, and Charlotte watch the fish in the "big tank."
Charlotte told me that she felt like she was in a dream. She loved the aquarium.

This picture Rob took just before we left. You'll notice Toby is on the stroller.

An hour or so earlier Toby had started to complain about feeling sick, and being tired. Rob and I, ever the sensitive and in-tune parents, told him to "suck it up." Five minutes later, in the parking deck, Toby vomited all over the place. (I am so thankful this happened in the parking deck and not in the Aquarium.) I apologized to Toby for not believing he was sick and cleaned him up and changed his clothes. And we headed home. Well, 30 minutes later, Charlotte started whimpering. I passed her a cup, and sure enough, she needed it. Then it was Toby's turn again. And then Charlotte's turn again. By this point I was feeling pretty green myself. Rob and I just looked at each other and laughed... because really, if you can't laugh in these moments you're just going to cry.

The Barf-mobile FINALLY made it home and I just barely made it to the bathroom. Which is where I spent most of last night. Poor Rob, the last man standing, bathed the kiddos and put them to bed. He checked on me throughout the night and helped me by bringing Jakey in for feedings and checking on the kids when they cried. Yeah, it was a brutal night. So, today we are staying home. Probably tomorrow as well. Maybe by the weekend I'll be able to stomach the idea of birthday cake. Maybe. For now we are all subsisting on water and saltines, watching many movies, and sleeping.

The Aquarium was awesome though... if you're ever in Atlanta, you should check it out. :)

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Aubrey said...

Talk about a birthday to remember! So sorry that you were ALL ill, my friend. You're such a trooper to laugh about it so quickly. It usually takes me a week or so before I can regain my sense of humor about such things. Celebrate in style next week!