Thursday, March 15, 2012

hair raising

Yesterday I thought I'd have some fun and do my hair with the curling iron. This is big news because for the past 4 1/2 years I didn't even own a curling iron. It was fun, and I was pretty pleased with my first attempt. :)

Rob came home a while later and we got dinner on the table. I was surprised he didn't say anything about my new curly look, so I asked, "How does my hair look?" Rob looked at me for a few moments. Then he asked, "Did you sleep on it funny?" Sigh.

I need help y'all. My last haircut did not go well and I have no skillz. Additionally, I used to have really, really straight hair. Since I started having the kiddos though, my hair has gotten more waves, and curly bits, and odd things going on with each pregnancy. All of these things are happening to the hair 'underneath.' The hair on top? Still straight. My first instinct last night was to shave it all off. Rob talked me down from the ledge though and I am trying to be more rational in how I proceed. I'm open to any and all suggestions here. Help me. Please.


Aubrey said...

Rob's question is classic. Nick says things like that all the time, much to my disappointment. :)

Lately I've just been embracing the crazy wavy/frizzy mess that is my hair. Mine is curliest on the bottom layers, just like yours. I let it dry naturally and then put a little extra bend into the top layers with my flat iron. (I had the lady in the salon show me how...I'm a hair dummy.)

Mandy Benton said...

Go to really nice salon and pay a lot for a haircut. I have always had REALLY good luck when I go to nice salons ("nice" as in $50 or so a hair cut, maybe a bit more) because they really know hair and they can make magic happen! I don't go that often but I am always really happy when I do. I am NOT looking forward to post-partum hair loss, which is always a bit scary and results in lifeless, stringy, gross hair for a while. Plus, clogged shower drains.

Suz said...

Jules, my hair is a bit like yours (ie straight on top/wavy underneath and especially in the back). Have you ever tried a straight iron? They're very easy, and there's no technique to it. Ya just straighten your hair. Maybe try that love? Don't give up on your hair!

Anonymous said...

I have a TON of curl on my bottom layers. Then it is lifeless and gross on the top. I agree with Mandy I get a really nice cut every 4-9 months. (That depends on where we live some places dry it out worse than others.) from there when I fix it I have to blow dry it out straight then use a flat iron. That is if I wear it down. If I wear it up I wash and pull it up. Let it dry in whatever knot I can put it into. I also don't wash everyday because I don't want to blow dry and style everyday. I am queen of the three day hair! ;-) I also always ask the stylist to show me how to do things, a al Aubrey. That's my secret.... Good luck !