Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I can do that!

Sometimes I like to call my parenting style, "fostering independence." More commonly, it would be called L-A-Z-Y. For example, the other day I was busy doing something important on the computer (watching tv) while nursing Jacob. The big kids were clamoring for lunch, so I suggested they either wait OR make it themselves. They were overjoyed! I told Charlotte where to find the peanut butter, jelly, and bread. She got out plates and butter knives. There were also some cut and cleaned strawberries in the fridge already, so she got those out too.

They ate those sandwiches better than they ever do when I make them.
Next I'll have to teach them about the crock pot and then I won't have to make dinner either! (Don't freak out, I'm just kidding. For now. Also, Toby is on a step stool, he's not that tall just yet.)

We've also been enjoying the Cat in the Hat "I Can Do That" game that the kiddos got for Christmas. Rob and I played it with them once, but now they are able to play it on their own and they love it. This morning they were even making Jacob take a turn. Here Toby is helping him "walk around the trickamastick." Jacob is brave and very happy when they include him in their activities. It makes me a little nervous- so I do keep a close eye when Jakey is being dragged around.

Charlotte and Toby think that Rob can do ANYTHING. I love that, to them, he is the strongest, bravest, smartest man alive. They like to test him from time to time though, so they devised this feat of strength. Rob did not disappoint with 42 lbs. on each foot and 22 lbs. in his arms... he is SUPER DAD!!


Johnson Family said...

Way to go! We are ALL about our kids being independent! Keep it up and it'll be SO worth it. We start our kids on the chore chart when they are 3. Granted, they need a lot of help at first, but now our girls are almost 8 and 9 and not only can they do all the chores well, they are paired up with their brothers to teach them! When dinner is done, I leave the kitchen and don't worry at all about clean up. IT ROCKS!

Debsie Doodle said...

It's hard for me to imagine that the day will come soon when my 1 year old will make his own pbj sandwich...
He does like to use the swivel sweeper to clean up crumbs on the kitchen floor everyday, so I just need to keep that enthusiasm going for another 18 years. ;)
Way to go Super Dad!