Sunday, April 15, 2012

Over the river and through the woods

We just got home from a nice visit with our Anderson family in Utah. (At 3:45 this morning to be exact. Red eye flights with small children are not for the faint-hearted, but thankfully our kids are pros at that stuff and didn't give us much trouble at all.)

We got to do lots of fun stuff with Grandma Anderson. We went to the Hogle Zoo, the LDS Church History Museum (it's not as dull as it sounds- lots of hands on pioneer stuff to play with,) and Temple Square. We shopped, visited with a few of my friends from college, played many board games and Mahjong, and ate at In-N-Out Burger and Cafe Rio. We dyed eggs, got baskets from the Easter Bunny, went to church, and had a nice Easter dinner. It was busy but laid back. It was great. :)

Toby practices giving a talk at the podium. This is identical to the one in the Conference Center, where General Conference is broadcast from to church members throughout the world. We just watched it a few weeks ago, so the kids totally recognized it.

This is what often happens when you ask an obliging stranger to take a picture of your family in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

Toby and Charlotte dyed eggs with Aunt Becky.
She was so nice to get all of the stuff ready to do that with them. :)

Jacob didn't help dye the eggs, but he was willing to taste test them.

Easter Sunday, just home from church.
Charlotte and Toby got new outfits from the Easter Bunny, and Jakey got a new outfit from my dear friend Suzanne. (Toby got his first tie-- "just like dad's.")

He's not heavy, he's my brother.
(I especially like that the tie is clipped onto his pocket in this photo. Toby also likes to wear his watch on his ankle. He's got his own ideas, that kid.)

Thanks Grandma for letting us come to your house for Easter!

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