Sunday, April 15, 2012

Through the river and over the woods

(aka Rocky Mountain highs and lows)

The mountains along the Wasatch Front are beautiful. They really are something you have to see to believe. So every time we are in Utah, we try to get up in the mountains a bit. On this trip we went twice.

Rob and I finished a date night out for Indian food by taking a drive into Little Cottonwood Canyon. We weren't really dressed for hiking, but we walked around just a little and took a picture. This past week was Rob's birthday and it was also our 6 1/2 year anniversary. I was a smart girl to marry this nerdy wordy man. I love him so! (I don't know why I'm scrunching my face so you can see up my nose. Ah well.)

On another lovely sunny day we took the 3 kids and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon.
We drove all the way to the top where the road closed because of snow (in the summer you can continue driving up and over to Park City on the other side of the ridge.) There was still significant snow up there and skiers enjoying the runs at Snowbird (I think it was Snowbird anyway.)

Then we drove back down and found a place to park so we could go for a little hike. Jakey however, insisted it was time to eat, so Rob took the big kids off on an adventure and I stayed at the car with the baby man and enjoyed the views.

So amazing.

After we were all back together, I still really wanted to go somewhere, and there was a waterfall not far down the path, so we all headed out again- Rob carrying Jacob. We came to the part of the stream pictured above. And we couldn't see the falls really so we decided to cross.

I told the kids not to worry about getting wet shoes, we'd just go back to Grandma's and change. The water was frigid cold though (snowmelt) so we didn't want to get wet. Rob crossed with Jake and Toby. Then Charlotte and I were crossing. Rob took Charlotte's hand as we approached the other side and pulled her across, then he took my hand. I took one more big step onto a rock and slid right down it and went WAIST DEEP into the water. (Yeah, it doesn't look that deep does it?) Rob tried to pull me up, but only had one hand free and it really hurt as my arm went up while the rest of me went down. So I started to cry and hyperventilate.

***At this point I would like to say 2 things-
1. I know that I should have tested the rock before stepping onto it, I don't know why I didn't.
And 2. Don't hyperventilate at high altitudes.***

I realized I was getting close to fainting at this point (ears ringing, world going black,) so Rob somehow lugged me out of the stream to sit on a rock and breathe deeply with my head between my legs. I really didn't want the kiddos to worry, and I REALLY didn't want to leave Rob on the wrong side of the stream, on the side of a mountain, with 3 little kids and an unconscious freezing wife. But I was okay, I promise.

I pulled it together enough to cross the stream - again - and get to the car where we turned on the heat full blast. Rob wanted to go to the hospital, but it really wasn't necessary. I teased him about ripping my arm right off my body with his massive upper body strength. (He's been working out for a few months now and is quite muscular.) But we got back to Casa Anderson and I took many ibuprofen and a long nap. 3 days later I was fine.

We know we were dumb... and we know we got lucky. I am very thankful it was me and not Rob who slipped. I am thankful none of the kids got hurt and that I didn't get hurt more badly. We'll exercise more caution in the future, k? But I hope that me sharing this story made you laugh maybe a little bit... but not too much! It was kinda traumatic for me! And if you are in Utah, please go see the "hidden falls" in Big Cottonwood Canyon and let me know what they look like. ;)

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