Thursday, May 03, 2012

boys and girls

These kids crack me up.  
Here Charlotte and Toby are modelling some pajama pants that I made them.  Charlotte's have pink and white stars and Toby's have pirate ships.  This dynamic duo can be unstoppable when they work together, but when they fight with each other, watch out!  I love seeing their relationship evolve as their individual personalities become more and more pronounced.

Toby is ever the engineer.  
We have these foam letters to play with in the tub.  Toby uses them to build interesting, and always symmetrical, towers and shapes on the tub wall.  Some of them have been very elaborate.  He will take anything he can find and use it as a building block.  I love seeing his ideas take shape.  Right now he is fixated on college.  He talks about going there every day.

Charlotte is the imagineer.
In this instance polar and lady bug were set up on a dinner date in her bedroom.  Charlotte comes up with elaborate play-acting scenarios with her brothers and her stuffed animals and can be very entertaining.  She also recently told us that when she grows up she wants to live in Paris and be a cook.  Guess we should start saving now for French culinary school?

 Even dress-up is like two sides of a coin around here.
Toby suits up in his Spiderman costume (over his swimsuit,) accessorized with a sword, shield, and a belt tied around his head.

Charlotte dresses as a princess and accessorizes with everything girly she can find.
I love their differences.  And I love that they find ways to play together while still being themselves.  I hope their special relationship continues throughout their lives.  :)

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