Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a child's prayer

Toby offered the following prayer at bedtime tonight:

"Heavenly Father,

Thankful for this day. Thankful for our chairs, and our pillows, and blankets, and the doors, and for the walls not falling down.  Maybe someday they'll fall down... but not today. * Please bless mommy for preparing it. ** Thankful for our family. Please we have a new baby BOY sister in our family. ***

In the name of Jesus Christ- Oh I forgot- thankful for our tables, and chairs, and blankets, and all, all, aaaaallll our toys. [silence] Please bless mommy for preparing it.****

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

*I think this is fallout from a nightmare he had 2 nights ago.
** This is a common refrain at dinner, and Toby has adopted it at bedtime as well.
*** Charlotte has been praying for a baby sister for about a month now, I guess Toby has decided another girl in the house would not benefit him.  Also, no, I am not currently expecting a baby.
**** Now he's just procrastinating bedtime.


Aubrey said...

Bless mommy for preparing it. ("It" in this case being this blog post.) So funny!

Debsie Doodle said...

Soo cute! Thanks for sharing. Deb :)