Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Jakey update

Jacob is 8 1/2 months old now!!  If I haven't blogged in a while, it may be because this baby boy is keeping me quite busy. He is a speedy crawler, and a mischief maker.  He can also pull up to standing and is cruising around the coffee table everyday building up those muscles to take off running. 

Jacob is now self-feeding with little puffs, soft fruits and veggies (like bananas and peas,) and drinking from a bottle or sippy cup.  He is all about meal time and gets very cranky if you don't feed him fast enough or the spoonfuls are perceived as too skimpy.  
I like how his pinkie finger is raised in this picture- such good table manners.  ;)

One of his very favorite things right now is a tasty door stopper.  As soon as he hits the floor in the morning he makes a beeline to the nearest door stopper and either flicks it around to make a noise, or rips it off the wall and sticks it in his mouth.  I have a pile of them sitting on my nightstand right now.

He also has a taste for paperback fiction.  I've had the pleasure of fishing many book pages out of his slobbery jaws this week.  This is one subject that Rob and I disagree somewhat on- Rob thinks we should relocate things for the time being (I know this is traditional baby-proofing philosophy and would protect our books better.)  I prefer to leave things where they are (our every possession can't be out of children's reach) and work with Jake on a case by case basis... "no, no," take it away, relocate the baby, repeat.  We're doing a little bit of both.  

Jakey is still my cuddly Little Bear.  
He is such a happy boy.
I am so thankful for his sweet spirit in our family.

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Emily Springer said...

those antics sound just like wyatts! he also loved him a good doorstop. we had to remove things around the house just for my sanity. good luck! haha