Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh what do you do in the Summertime?

Hard to believe it, but our last Summer before Charlotte starts school is coming to a close.  They begin school this year on August 7th!  In just 2 weeks! *Gasp*  So how have we been occupying ourselves since we've been home from PA?

We went to "dress like a cow" day at Chick-Fil-A.  Yes, I helped the kids make these awesome costumes so that we could get free kid's meals. They loved it. 

On a more serious note, Rob's Grandma Anderson passed away and we attended her funeral in Atlanta.  I know we hardly look broken up about it in these pictures  She was very elderly and not in good health.  Her husband passed away nearly a year ago, and she was really very ready to go.  She will be very missed, but we are glad she is at peace. The occasion was a day to spend with family and remember her fondly, and I think she would have been pleased with our smiles.

Grandma was buried in the National Cemetery in GA along with Grandpa Anderson.  It is a beautiful place, and we attended the burial... however, we learned rather late that we could not go to the graveside until the burial was completed due to "safety concerns." We spent the 90 minutes (in the 100 degree heat) waiting under a pavilion and taking family photos and visiting.  It wasn't in the plan, but it all worked out.

Rob's Mom and Dad with 6 of their 11 (soon to be 12) grandchildren.

Jakey has been growing like a little weed!  Here he is eating pasta for dinner and bits of banana for dessert.  He is a tender-hearted boy, but does he ever have a temper! I need to try to get video of one of his tantrums that he now throws when things do not immediately go his way.  He's gonna have to get over that pretty quick.  ;) 

 I got Rob these resistance bands for Father's Day this year and Toby thinks they are the coolest toy ever.  Aside from wearing them as an accessory, he has connected them and stretched them the entire length of the house, and used them to slingshot himself in the living room.  We decided we'd better put them away up high before he injures himself.  Toby also will be starting Joy School this Fall. 5 other moms and myself will take turns teaching our 6 preschoolers 2 mornings a week.  I think the little man is going to LOVE it!

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Mim said...

I did Joyschool with Beth, and one year with Caleb. It's a good program. Some of the songs will stick with you, I remember them from when I did Joyschool Rob still randomly breaks into "Oh Boy I've Got Joy" And I like to talk about the Gunny Sack.

Your summer ends soon. Yikes!