Friday, July 06, 2012

Sweet Home Pennsylvania

Last night we got home from nearly 3 weeks in PA visiting with my family. (Rob came up to join us for the last few days and help with the drive home.) Maybe you're wondering what we did during that time?  Here is a small sampling...

We hiked in flip flops. (My specialty.)
Charlotte took this pic- not bad!

We spent time with animals.
A certain horse named Simon even tried to kiss my baby bear.

Jennifer recognized a kindred spirit in Charlotte.  In her words- 'when we find one that seems to have the sickness, we like to encourage it.'

Even my serious little man took a ride on Simon.  
Look out Cowboy Woody!

Kaufman Kousins- most of them.

We went to gymnastics.

Charlotte got brave on the balance beam. (And yeah that's Jake buzzing by on the trampoline in the background.)

My sisters and I finally finished going through my mom's photos.
I really like this one of her from the 1960s.

We learned not to take a water gun from the baby.
(Jake took his first steps while we were in PA as well.)

We ate things that turned our tongues blue.

We celebrated!

We bounced!
(Ben and Toby may have had a wrestle-mania moment here.)

We drove things with motors!

And more things with motors!

We spent time just hanging out.

And helped build paths with 150+ lb. rocks.  
(Well, some of us did.)

We used fireworks to have tank battles and destroy toy soldiers.

Occasionally we slept.
But not very much.
Mostly, we made some new memories.
Thanks for the good time, y'all!


Mandy Benton said...

What fun you had! Looks like a blast. Julie, you look great! The kids are getting so big. Miss you all!

Karen said...

Looks like you had some fun. Great pics!

Karen said...

Looks like fun! Great pics!