Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In her own words

Ready to go to Kindergarten!

Charlotte found her locker, and her seat, and was all set for school to begin.

One last squeeze before we left our sweet girl!  
(I thought I would be emotional, but I guess I got that out enough beforehand because we were all just smiley and excited for her new adventure.)

Here is Charlotte to tell you all about her first day of school... I thought about writing something to accompany (explain parts of) this, but I decided it would be best to let her speak for herself.  ;)


Mandy Benton said...

Aaaw!! How cute! Poor Jacob missed his whole first day of school from napping, lol! Charlotte is very verbal and descriptive :-)

Aubrey said...

Charlotte is definitely your mini-me, but she looks surprisingly like Rob when she talks. LOVED the video. Especially the part about all the talking in the cafeteria (wiggy squiggy blah blah blah...there were so many people!) and the stage (why is there a stage?!) and how she reminded the boy to raise his hand (IIIII knew what to do!). You've raised an amazing young lady, my friend. I hope Ella enjoys her first day of school as much as Charlotte!

chrisnallynkids said...

Charlotte seems so grown up in the video. None of my kids had nap or lockers in kindergarten. Yeah, she's gonna love it, but there wasn't much doubt of that. My kids will love watching the video tomorrow.