Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is my Charlotte girl one short year ago.

And here we are at SIX years old! Am I the only one who is shocked by this transformation?

For Charlotte's birthday this year, she wanted to go to Peter Pan (the ballet) at the Imperial Theater in Augusta.  She and I went to it on a mommy/daughter date and mingled with the cast afterwards.  This is Charlotte with her favorite character- Tinkerbell.

We also attended our first school fund raiser event during birthday week- 
the FUN RUN!
Whatever, it wasn't that fun, and I don't think we will be raising funds for the school in the future.  Donate? Sure. But call people? Um no.  Charlotte did run/walk a total of 2 miles though and she LOVED it.  So that was great.

On Charlotte's actual birthday, Rob flew home from a month away for work.  Charlotte requested we go to Red Robin for dinner and that SHE get to sit by her daddy. Who could say no to that?  So we had a nice dinner out and then they SANG to her and brought her an ice cream sundae.  ;)  Charlotte was overjoyed (I knew our extrovert would enjoy that surprise) and my introverted Rob was mortified (bonus.)  We also took cupcakes to Charlotte's class for snack, so there were plenty of birthday treats and I made no family birthday cake this year.

Charlotte has always been a fun girl to talk to, but as she gets older we are finding more things that we both enjoy talking to each other about.  She has loved starting Kindergarten, and she and Toby rarely ever argue when they play together now, because they are both just happy to be together. Charlotte is generally a confident, assertive, happy little individual (though we are already having some hiccups as she compares herself to other girls at school- that is such a hard thing to try not to do, I know.) And I love my girl sooooo much!  Happy birthday to my Peanut girl.  

Charlotte's birthday interview: (These answers are amazingly similar to last year)

What's your favorite color? Pink
What's your favorite movie? Rapunzel (Tangled)
What's your favorite song? I am a Child of God
What's your favorite food? Macaroni and cheese
What's your favorite thing to do with Toby? Play cars with him on his carpet.
What's your favorite thing to do with Jacob? Tickle him.
What's your favorite thing to do with mommy? Cuddle!
What's your favorite thing to do with daddy? Go bowling- just like we did today!
What’s your favorite part of the school day? Going to art.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A cooker and a haircutter. I want to live in Paris when I grow up.
What makes you feel happy? My mommy. (Awwww)

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Aubrey said...

Happy birthday, dear Charlotte, happy birthday to you!