Thursday, November 01, 2012

An Incredible Halloween

Happy Halloween from The Incredibles!

Jack Jack gets into a LOT of mischief these days, but we worry about telling him "no" as we don't like when he bursts into flames... especially around the books. 

Dash is always ready to GO.  He ran from house to house when it was time to trick or treat this year.

Violet makes excellent force fields to protect us all from the spooks and "bad guys" out on Halloween night.

Mr. Incredible and I (In-Elastigirl) hope that you enjoyed our family Halloween costumes this year.  We had a blast dressing up together.  :)


Mim said...

Awesome. Rob wants us to do a themed family thing one year. We almost did it with Adventure time, but I decided the jake the Dog costume was too hard to sew.

Aubrey said...

Best family theme ever! The ages and genders of your kids are PERFECT. And only you could make that socks-and-heels look totally work, my friend.