Wednesday, December 12, 2012

16 going on 17

Tomorrow Jacob is 16 months old!  
I meant to dedicate a post to his milestones when he turned 15 months old, so hey, I made it with one day to spare, right?

Jakey Bear is quite the handful these days.  

He loves to run, walk backwards, and climb things.  Seriously our most active child by a mile... That he ran... Backwards.  ;)

In the past month his language has really taken off. He has added to the basics (Mom, Dad, dog-dog,) with things like "buff-buh" (brother,) "Dahhht" (Charlotte,) Ho, Ho, Ho, again, kitty, "mmmm-hmmm" (this food is tasty and I would like some more,) "dakh," (thank you,) and "wub, wub, wub" (I love you.)

He can identify major body parts (hair, ears, mouth, toes, hands, etc,) but if you ask him where his nose is he  laughingly shakes his head no.  The Jake-ster is a Joke-ster.

Jake is an omnivore.  He eats everything put in front of him.  He used to dislike bananas, but he now eats one nearly every day. I can only assume he gets his willingness to try new foods from Rob. (Or my mom I suppose.)

Jake has a to-do list of his very own making.  Every day after breakfast he sets out to empty my lower kitchen cupboards and redistribute items throughout the house.  When that is done, he moves a chair, climbs up, and turns the lights on and off for 10 minutes or so.  After that he has to track down Rob's shoes and move them around the house as well.  Then maybe it is snack time, so he picks up anything that was dropped during breakfast and eats it. Then he needs a quick cuddle with mom. Then he actually goes and plays with some toys before having a nap.  At this point it is 9:30-10 am.  So you can see, he has quite a lot of responsibilities around here.  (Perhaps you can also see why this blog post is so long in coming as I spend my evenings putting everything back where it belongs.)

Our home and family would not be the same without our little Jakey Bear and we love him so. :)

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Aubrey said...

I love the way toddlers have their own daily agenda and to-do lists! Is there a pattern to Jake's organization and rearrangement of household items? Ella had very clear ideas of what should go where: I love the snapshot of Jakey's morning. Love to the Andersons!

P.S. Nick said he got your Christmas card in the mail at work today. So excited to see it! You are officially on the list of Friends Who Are Not Rubbish. :)