Saturday, January 05, 2013

a busy break

 Hopefully you all have been enjoying your holiday break as much as we have!  Charlotte is still off of school until this coming Tuesday, and there have been some exciting developments in the Anderson home since I last posted....

 Toby is in Lego love.
He spends a couple hours a day tinkering with his new toys.  I loved this particular scene that he made soooo much.  He used a baby blanket to make "snowy hills" and set up a decorated Christmas tree. A father and son are snowboarding while sword fighting with ski poles in the foreground while the mom watches and tells them to 'be careful.'  The firefighter is near his burn barrel, but sitting at a desk and using the internet while he drinks some hot cocoa.  (Oh dear, I think I've been pegged in this scene more than once!)

Jakey has developed a fake smile.
Neither Charlotte nor Toby had quite so much enthusiasm as toddlers for making other people laugh and smile.  Jake is our class clown for sure around here.

We acted out the nativity story on Christmas Eve and sang songs around the piano.  Daddy Polar played all of the animals. I am seriously enjoying having kids at an age where we can all participate in activities as a family and have a good time doing it.  (Jake just ran in circles during this time, but did participate in singing Jingle Bells- "Ba-ba-ba, Ba-ba-ba.")

We were also able to go to Atlanta and participate in a baptism (the kiddos' second cousin CarrieAnne, who sadly I didn't get a picture of- I was battling a head cold and wasn't as on the ball) and the baby blessing of our newest nephew Nathan.  (Also no photo- sorry, I am lame, every time I thought of it, we were not with him.)  

While spending time with cousins Lizzy and Savannah, Charlotte lost her first tooth!  The tooth fairy was kind enough to come to our hotel room to deliver a dollar and take away the itty bitty incisor. (She lost tooth number two just after we got home.) As happy as I said I am that we can do more interesting things as a family these days, it is also bittersweet in these moments when I realize I have a baby old enough to be losing teeth!

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Mandy Benton said...

Ah, lego love. yes we have lots of that around here. I do spend a good 10% of my day picking up legos from every corner of the house, and fishing them out of Maebry's mouth, but oh, the joy the boys get from legos make them worth it. Jake's fake smile reminds me of Seth's own fake smile. Good to see the Andersons are doing well.