Monday, February 18, 2013

Bahama mamas

A few weeks ago my sister Pam called me and suggested we go on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas... and I laughed at her!  She is quite the persuasive talker though and after much encouragement from Rob I decided to go after all.  So last weekend I drove 10 hours to Miami to meet up with Pam and Leah (my niece) to go on a 3 day cruise.  There was a strict rule made about not taking swimsuit photos, and since we spent quite a bit of time in swimsuits, there aren't too many photos.

This is the ship we went on.  It is NOT the ship that had to be towed back to the US amid horrible turmoil- thankfully.

This is the view from my beach chair sitting on Junkanoo Beach.  I've never been to the Bahamas before and it turns out that, yes, the water really is that amazingly beautiful and you can see little fish swimming around your ankles.  We bought BBQ chicken and fried plantains from this hut on the beach... I thought it was pretty good, though fried plantains aren't going on our monthly menu anytime soon.  But Pam wasn't convinced it was really chicken, so I ate hers too. 

After an ice cream cone downtown, we spent the remainder of the afternoon in the Straw Market shopping for souvenirs. (One of us knows how to use sunscreen- and I, I mean she, is not pictured here.)

Oh look there I am!  Just one to show that I was in fact there.  ;)

The endless buffet on the cruise ship was not thrilling. But dinner each night was actually pretty great.  I had steak one night and vegetarian Indian food another.  Each night on the menu they had one "exotic" item.  Leah and I tried these Alligator Fritters.  They weren't bad- honestly they were like deep fried ham and cheese balls.

Fun times indeed!
I've gotta say- I learned that I am not a big fan of cruising.  The entertainment, casinos, constant alcohol consumption... just isn't my idea of fun.  But I am very glad that I went and spent the weekend with Pam and Leah. There were some good late night chats, a lot of lounging in the sun, and nobody's food for me to cut up or diapers to change!  Thanks for the memories girls.  :)


Mandy said...

wow, a cruise!! I have never been on one but I am so prone to motion sickness, I think I would be sick the whole time. But to see the Bahamas....oh how I would love to! So glad you go to go and relax, kid-free. You deserve it!!

Aubrey said...

Wow. I am IMPRESSED. You are foot loose and fancy free, I tell ya! (Maybe when I say "impressed" I really mean be the judge.)

I'm with you on not loving cruises. Casinos are not my thing and evening entertainment just did not happen with the ladies. I enjoy the occasional tipple (or two!) but serious boozing doesn't happen in my world nowadays and serious boozers are obnoxious.

P.S. Love that my friend who does not consume alcohol ever titled this post "Bahama Mamas."