Thursday, February 21, 2013

car chat with Toby

I've always thought of Toby as a quiet little man, but since Charlotte has been in school I've had more one on one time with my little man and he has been talking my ear off.  Here are just two brief conversations from our time running errands yesterday, (as best I can reproduce them.)

Scene 1:
Me: Tobs, I'm sorry we're not going to be able to put the tent up this weekend to camp out, because it is going to rain.  Maybe next weekend.
Toby: Is it the weekend today?  Then why is Charlotte at school?
M: No, today is not the weekend.
T: Then maybe the rain will stop before the weekend.
M: No honey, it's not going to rain today, it's going to rain this weekend. Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday, and then it is Friday and that is the beginning of the weekend.
T: So we'll put the tent up on Friday.
M: Yes, but not THIS Friday, because it is going to rain.  But maybe next Friday.
T: Okay.... so we'll go camping this weekend.
M: Look!  A digger!

Scene 2:
Toby: Mom, you know what would be cool?
Me: What's that?
T: If we had a house with stairs in it that was on wheels and there was one driver downstairs and another driver upstairs.
M: That sounds like it would be very tricky to drive.
T: Well, there would be this cross thing that if one driver wanted to be in charge they could just pull it and then the other driver could take a rest and then they could pull it back when it was their turn. Wouldn't that be soooo cool?
M: It certainly would be something different.

A while later at home, I was looking at houses for rent on the computer and Toby ran up behind me and stated, "I like that one.  Is it on wheels?" 

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