Monday, February 18, 2013

lean, mean, eighteen

Okay, at 18 months old, Jakey is neither lean nor mean.  At his check-up earlier this week he was in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th for height.  He's a lover not a fighter. When caught playing with Toby's toys, he takes off at a full speed run rather than try to fight with Toby over them.  I can't believe how quickly our baby bear has grown into a toddler.  He wants to do everything himself- including meal times....

Some things Jake loves:
being outdoors
Toby's Legos
his stuffed dog "Duplo"
playing the piano
singing- especially E-I-E-I-O (Old McDonald, obviously)
Mom- no joke, he is the biggest momma's boy I have ever seen, and I love it
food- any food, any time- he taps his highchair tray to say "right here"
brushing his teeth
"teeeeet!" (treats- like M&Ms or graham crackers)
helping with the laundry, dishes, or sweeping

Some things Jake does NOT love:
coloring (he eats the crayons)
sitting still
movies- they involve too much sitting still
reading- he's getting a little bit better about this if the book contains a tractor, digger, or dog, but again, this activity requires too much stillness for his liking
sitting in the car (do you see a trend here?)
hotel rooms - the last time we stayed in a hotel, I got zero sleep because Jake was completely freaked out all night
cold drinks (everything needs to be lukewarm)

I hope he doesn't start those terrible twos too soon!  Because we just adore this little guy.  :)

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