Sunday, March 24, 2013

baby on board

Just a note to announce, on the blog, that we are expecting baby #4 in September.  :)

I am about 14 weeks along now and this has been a really rough first trimester.  I feel like I am starting to come out of the fog a bit, and hopefully I'll begin to pick up some of the activities that have fallen by the wayside.  (Like this blogging thing.)

So far I can report that this baby really, really likes bread. (I think I mainly lived off of bread for about a month.)  And despite the horrific all-day-sickness, I've also had massive cravings for buffalo wings and things like Zaxby's kickin' chicken sandwich.  Oh soooo good.  I can' think about it too much, or I'll be stopping to get that for lunch tomorrow.

Hopefully in April or May we'll be able to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Charlotte has her heart set on a baby sister, so we have a lot of talks right now about the fact that you don't get to pick- "you get what you get."

That's about all the baby stuff that comes to mind right now.  We are truly very happy to be adding to our family.  I think the only one who doesn't know what's about to hit him is poor Jakey.  He is quite happy in his position as baby of the family.  ;)

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Lars Olson said...

Congrats, hope you're feeling better soon. With our first (a boy), Sarah had cravings for french fries. She wonders whether salty-type cravings indicate a boy, and cravings for sweets indicate a girl. There's probably no correlation, but it's fun to guess.