Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art space

I love seeing different ways that children express their creativity and individuality and personality! But man, music and dance lessons can be pricey. When I was a kid, I loved to draw and paint, and now as a parent I love to let my kids draw and paint because it is so incredibly cheap! We have art supplies on our kitchen table nearly every day, and the kiddos create so much artwork that I cannot possibly keep or display it all. I do have portfolios of my favorites for each of them, but the majority of our masterpieces end up in the bin just out of necessity.

 I thought I'd photograph and share today's artwork just for fun.

Battling robots by Toby, age 4. 
 Toby cut all of the individual pieces before assembling his battle-bots and decorating them.  The bits of paper above are their weapons flying through the air.  The blue button is to fight, the red to stop, and the yellow to fly.  Toby is my 3-D man. He prefers to work in multimedia and excels at construction problem solving.

Facial expressions practice by Charlotte, age 6. 
 Charlotte has been experimenting with how to show emotion in her drawings and sat down today to practice.  She had a very clear goal in mind with each face and did her best to convey her ideas.  She is so incredibly observant. I was blown away honestly.

Experimentation with lines, color, scissors, and glue by Jakey, age 21 mo.
Jake has only just barely jumped on to the arts & crafts bandwagon, but he has done so with GUSTO!  He has added "marker, paper, and glue"  to his vocabulary just this week.  He is particularly fond of the glue stick.  (I think he may have used it as chapstick today as well.)  Also, he did not draw the arrows- Charlotte added those to the ends of his lines before I could stop her.  He seems so grown up to me sitting at the table with a crayon in his hand. 

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Aubrey said...

WOW! Toby's battling 'bots (coupled with his awesome explanation) are awesome! And Charlotte's study in facial expressions is truly impressive. That's really cool. Jake's scribbles are so sweet. Can't believe he's old enough to sit at the art table!