Friday, May 03, 2013

half way baby

If you've been on Facebook this afternoon, then you've probably already heard, but Anderson baby #4 is a

I'm not gonna lie.  I am pretty surprised.  If you've followed us for long, you know that I had very high expectations of having a girl and 3 boys.  Charlotte threw a wrench into that though when she began fervently praying EVERY DAY for a baby sister about a year ago. 

 Rob and I discussed whether or not that could actually effect the grand plan (I realize I am not fully omniscient, and therefore this was likely the plan all along, but hear me out) and I was left really wondering because I truly, absolutely, without a doubt believe that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers.  Well, now Charlotte believes that too.  Which I think is a wonderful thing.  So, like I said, maybe this was the plan all along.  :)

As for all the stats, our baby GIRL has all of her important parts, weighs about 11 ounces (per the ultrasound,) and is the size of a banana, butternut squash, or carrot depending on what baby book/blog you prefer.  She is plenty active, and wouldn't allow us a decent look at her face on the ultrasound as she kept her arms crossed over her face.  (Stubborn little girl- you'll fit right in!)

I am (sadly) gaining a mountain of weight (for the fourth time,) and still waking up vomiting about once a week.  Other than that I feel great! Amazing how when coming from a place of first trimester exhaustion, and every day morning sickness, the way I feel now is just peachy.  I will suck up my pride and permit a picture of my growing belly soon- but not today.  I have always struggled with my weight, and gaining a lot of weight is probably the most challenging part of pregnancy for me.  Even though I know it is normal for my body, and that I will lose the weight after the baby is born, I still hate to see it.

So now we are 20 week along!  Half way down, and half way to go!  I guess it's high time we start discussing baby names!


Khinna said...

Congrats, Julie! The Lord reveals wonderful things.Charlotte must be beaming.

Aubrey said...

Anything that reinforces Charlotte's belief that God hears our prayers is a VERY GOOD THING. My grandma has always told me that He listens especially hard to the prayers of children.

Sorry you've still got some morning spew, but so glad it's improved since the first trimester. As to the body image stuff, don't sweat it, sweetie. That's just part and parcel of growing a baby, and it's totally worth it. You'll be back to looking like a hot mama in your spandex Incredibles outfit before you know it. :)

Mandy Benton said...

Baby girl names are so much fun!! So happy for you :-)

Suz said...

Congratulations Jules! So excited that you will be welcoming another girl. And yup, the power of prayer is real. So glad Charlotte is a happy gal! Love you!!!