Friday, May 24, 2013

school's out for summer!

This week brought the end of soccer season, the end of Kindergarten, and the beginning of a crazy busy Summer.

Charlotte's Kindergarten graduation was very cute. I was so proud of myself for not crying... until the last song of the slideshow her teacher prepared!  It was set to the song "Let Them be Little." If you have never heard it, you should listen to it and you'll agree- that's just not playing fair. EVERY parent in the room was practically sobbing.

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation by heading to the library to sign up for summer reading and then playing at the park and splash pad.  Bears love the water!

Big kids love the water too! 

We are looking forward to a lot of fun and a lot of work (with moving) this summer too!  Here is Charlotte to sing you a little song about what she learned this year in school.  ;)

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Aubrey said...

Summer time! Even though I haven't taught in six years, I still get crazy excited when summer rolls 'round! Tear it up at the pool, library, splash park, and Sonic drive-in like real Southerners! ;)

P.S. Holy tear jerker! I wasn't going to listen to that song because I've been a hormonal mess WITHOUT ridiculous song lyrics reminding me that my kids are growing up before my eyes. Then I caved and listened and am now a mess. Gee thanks, Jules.